My fastest VPN on Digital Ocean

Since the COVID19 outbreak in this world, both VPN providers I used to pay are getting slower. I often get disconnected. Even worse, connecting again usually takes forever. Contacting their support doesn’t help. More people are going to use their service to work from home. So, I end up setting up my fastest VPN on Digital Ocean. Here’s how.

Checking their discounted price

The first step I take is checking their discounted price. I get a better result than I initially expect. They offer a  $100 free credit for 60 days.

With this $100 free credit, I can enjoy the free and fastest VPN on Digital Ocean $5 droplet for two months. 

Choose the nearest data center

After getting the $100 free credit on my account, I set up a new droplet. I choose the nearest data center from my home.

Set up the VPN server

There are several ways to do this. For example:

  • Follow their tutorial  here.

  • Or use the open-source shell scripts like  this one.

I go with the second one. Here are why:

  • Less difficult.

  • Faster to set up.

  • Easier to debug.

  • There is an automated way.

Fastest VPN I ever use

It turns out to be the fastest VPN I ever use. It’s faster than the ProtonVPN Plus plan. Why it becomes the fastest VPN? Simple. I am the only client it serves.

On another provider like ProtonVPN or Mullvad, you’ll share a server with other clients. On my Digital Ocean droplet, I don’t share it with anyone. I am the only client it serves.


I have used this it for two weeks. There’s only one issue I noticed last Sunday. Suddenly I can’t connect to the internet through the VPN. But I can solve it quickly after seeing the log there. I only need to restart it.


It may not be the most secure VPN server. It may not be the most private one, either. However, it’s the fastest one I ever use.

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