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Tag: adblock

April 12, 2020
How to block ads on Safari 13

Ever since updating to macOS Catalina, I got Safari 13 as the default browser. Safari has been the most saving battery power browser on macOS. And, it’s still it is. However, there is one problem. The uBlock Origin won’t work anymore. Here is the explanation. So, how to block ads on Safari 13? The background problem Safari is the most efficient browser on macOS. It consumes less battery significantly compared to Chrome or Firefox.

June 3, 2019
Reasons why you need to install Ad-Block

Here’s the story that may be one of your reasons why you need to install Ad-block on your browser. Our friend, John Doe is just started to browse the internet. He opened up his favorite search engine, type some terms, hit search button, and finally clicked some of the search results there. When he landed on a site he just clicked, he saw many animations and popup. He’s confusing and can’t find the information he’s looking for on that site.