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Reasons why you need to install Ad-Block

Here’s the story that may be one of your reasons why you need to install Ad-block on your browser.

Our friend, John Doe is just started to browse the internet. He opened up his favorite search engine, type some terms, hit search button, and finally clicked some of the search results there.

When he landed on a site he just clicked, he saw many animations and popup. He’s confusing and can’t find the information he’s looking for on that site. He decided to leave and close the page, but an annoying popup prevents him to do it.

Even worse, there is no close button on that popup ads.

Since he’s not a tech-savvy person, John decided to call up his friend for a help.

Do you often find yourself in a similar situation like John?

You’re trying to read the news or look for information and the site you visited bombards you with myriad ads, not to mention some annoying popups as you scrolled down to the bottom part of the page?

That sounds you need an ad blocker for your web browser.

An ad blocker is a small software installed on your web browser to block intrusive ads on the site you visited.

Most of the ad blockers have the database of ads to block.

Based on their database, the ad-block plugin will be able to detect if any script/element or HTPP request on the site you visited is an “ad” or not.

Once it found a match on its database, it will block the script or HTML element or HTTP request made to display that ad on your browser.

Usually, there’s also an option to black-list or white-list a site URL inside it.

By default, most of the ad-block plugins will allow non-intrusive ads.

But there’s also an option to completely block all of the ads on the site you visited.

Therefore it’s obvious that the first reason you want to install ad blocker is that you hate ads and you don’t want to see them on the site you’ve visited no matter what .

And here are the other reasons why you may need to put on an ad block on your most used web browser.

To speed up loading of the web pages

Advertisements make the downloading of a web page slower since some of them have videos and pictures that take time to open.

An ad blocker blocks advertising content resulting in a faster page loading.

This means, your web browser will only download the content which is not ads.

To protect your savings

Seriously. With fewer ads or even no ads, there will be fewer things to trigger yourself to shop the stuff you may not need.

Some “good” and “related” ads may make you tempted to click it, browse the product it offered and without thinking twice, you had placed your order and give them your credit cards.

To have a better internet experience

A lot of advertisements on the internet can be annoying.

Another reason why you should use Ad-Block is to enjoy an ad-free internet experience.

You don’t want to have an experience like John above when you going to close a tab on your browser, and an ad is interrupting you doing so.

To save your bandwidth allowance

In most cases, adverts come in the form of photos and videos which require a lot of bandwidth to access.

Even worse, they often contain some auto play videos which will be played without you noticing and eventually burn most of your bandwidth quota for that month.

Preventing them from appearing on your web pages significantly lowers your bandwidth usage.

To save powers on your devices

Lack of advertisements on the web pages results in you saving the battery on devices.

This is especially when most of the ads blocked were in the form of an auto-play video.

It is because your browsers did not need to render the ads and play the videos automatically.

It works less, so it consumes less power

To avoid the tracker

One of the ad block plugins I used, “ uBlock origin” even blocked the Google Analytics script.

I also tried with several other analytics scripts and it’s working well to block such scripts.

If you’re a person who’s very concern about your privacy, you may want to use that “uBlock origin” or any other ad blocks plugins to block any third party analytics script on the site you visited.

Review from a fellow ad block user about AdBlock Plus (ABP)

AdBlock-Plus is a great tool for getting rid of the many annoying adverts found on the internet. Using it has enabled me to enjoy faster loading of the web pages. It has also helped me to enjoy my internet experience since it gets rid of distractions such as pop-up windows. Furthermore, I have been able to use a limited amount of bandwidth during my internet sessions. AdBlock-plus has also protected my mobile devices from computer viruses. The only disadvantage that I have experienced in my use of AdBlock-Plus is that it does not get rid of some adverts. I would highly recommend the AdBlock-Plus to someone looking for a reliable, safe, and easy-to-use ad blocker. Out of 5, I give it a rating of 4.5.

My personal recommendations for ad-block

Personally, I used to use some ad-block add-ons/extensions on browsers I used.

Many of them are working great but with one drawback I notice.

My Mac’s fan will scream loudly after I work for some hours when I left some tabs opened along with AdBlock Plus installed on my Chrome.

After looking for alternatives, I stumbled into “uBlock origin”.

So far, it works great just any other ad-block plugins, but also keeps my Mac’s fan shut up ( or at least, runs quietly ), even I had worked for more than four hours.

Even better, it is open source so anyone can read the codes and make sure it did not do a nasty thing on your browser.

Just give it a try.

P.S I don’t have affiliation with “uBlock origin”. In fact, it’s an open source with some great contributors - I am not one of them. Just ordinary users who love it.

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