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June 29, 2023
The Dangers Of Internet Identity Theft And Fraud

Unsplash - CC0 License Internet identity fraud and theft can affect people at any time. It occurs when someone steals your personal information, such as your date of birth, device number, or social security number, and uses it to impersonate you online. Fundamentally, identity is just information. And that’s why fraudsters have been so wildly successful over the past couple of decades. Once they have vital information, it’s almost impossible for the people on the other side of the transaction to determine if it is legitimate.

January 16, 2023
3 More Tips to Secure Your Business from IT Hacks

In today’s digital age, IT security is more important than ever. Businesses must be aware of the potential threats that come with operating online and take steps to protect their data. Unfortunately, hacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and it can be difficult to stay one step ahead. In a previous article, we reviewed some of the non-negotiable approaches to keep your business IT untouchable from hackers. Employee training is a no-brainer, as human error is the most frequent cause of IT hacks.

April 7, 2022
Factors To Consider Before Developing A Business App

Image Credit The digital world is evolving and developing rapidly, especially as more people continue to invest in mobile devices. Because of this development, the demand for mobile applications has skyrocketed in recent times. Businesses must create mobile apps to bring their products and services closer to consumers with these technological advancements. About 62% of businesses have an app or are developing one. If you are looking to have an app for your business, here’s what you need to know beforehand.

September 9, 2021
What Is Online Reputation Management?

** ** Source - CC0 License In the digital business world, there are numerous concerns that you need to be aware of. The advantage of doing business online is that it opens you up to a wealth of new customers and markets. It’s also highly convenient, but the downside of being in such a vast space is that you have very little control over what’s said about your business. In essence, anyone can go online and create a blog post about your company that makes you look bad.

September 1, 2021
What Is An Operations Manager?

Photo by LinkedIn Sales Solutions on Unsplash The role of an operations manager is becoming more common. For many organizations, the operations manager is a pivotal role. A good manager keeps a number of plates spinning, ensuring productivity, efficiency, and oversight in many areas. The ability to see the big picture, while also managing many smaller areas, is a key to the success of this role. It suits problems solvers who can think on their feet and balance the demands of different departments within the business.

August 26, 2021
What You Need To Know About Aerospace Manufacturing

Photo by SpaceX on Unsplash Aerospace manufacturing is the process of building aircrafts and spacecraft from pre-formed solid or liquid materials using tools like the lathe, thermoforming, molding, and milling machines. Aerospace manufacturing has been around since the beginning of aviation. Planes and airplanes are made by mechanics, machine operators, engineers, and technicians in airplane factories with special skills. The work is often physically demanding but well-paid, with aerospace manufacturing workers earning an average of $40000 to $50000 annually.

August 25, 2021
Three Ways To Reduce Computer Maintenance Costs For Your Business

Your computer is a very important tool for your business, but it can lose its efficiency if not properly maintained, even personal computers need to be maintained.. That’s why you need to carry out some maintenance on your computer from time to time. Sometimes, people might neglect their computers and forget to carry out some basic maintenance on them for a long period of time. This will lead to various problems with the computer such as crashing or running slow.

March 10, 2021
Discover The Most Common Misconceptions About Software Development

About other industries, software development is still the new kid on the block. This unfortunately means that there are quite a few misconceptions and myths surrounding this particular sector. That can be a problem as it can lead to a variety of issues including unrealistic expectations and end-users not knowing what to expect when they utilize this service. Software developers can also make mistakes during the early stages of a project because they are led down the wrong paths during key stages of development.