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June 3, 2019
Recommended Web Hosting Services for Beginners

So, you’re finally going out of your comfort zone and have decided to commit yourself to choose the best web hosting service for your site. I have made this article to help beginners choose which web hosting service could best deliver their sites in action in terms of price, services specialty, speed, uptime, and customer support. I know how important it is to choose your first hosting site as it gets even more real than anything else you have created.

June 3, 2019
Recommended Web Hosting Services under $5/month

*Most of these services cut down their original monthly rate. This year, cPanel increase their price significantly. Check again on the hosting you want to buy the service, because they will surely increase their price to cover it. So, here are recommended web hosting services under $5/month, really suitable for you who’s just getting started. Namecheap for $2.88/month With Namecheap, users may register their domain name, as it is a leading domain registrar.

June 3, 2019
When should you upgrade your hosting plan from shared hosting?

Many site owners, especially those who used CMS like WordPress, mostly had no idea when should they upgrade your hosting plan from shared hosting. There are many factors to consider before you decide to upgrade your hosting plan from shared hosting. Have you found the culprit why your site slowed down? This is important, in fact, it’s the most important. Before you decide to upgrade your current shared hosting, you need to make sure you have found the culprit ( I mean, the cause ) why your site slowed down.

June 3, 2019
Why The Best Web Hosting Provider Doesn’t Exist

Most people on the Internet are only familiar with the back office and front-end functionality of the websites. Just like other things in this world which are not ideal, so they are with web hosting provider. Here’s why The Best Web Hosting Provider doesn’t exist. Appearance and navigation, after all, are the first things you’ll notice if you visit a site. But there’s more to a website than what meets the eye.

June 2, 2019
How to get best web hosting service for beginners

Can I just say that the number of web hosting services offered these days are just so overwhelming? I know it feels like to look up “best web hosting service” on the Internet only to find out that there are over a hundred “bests” out there. So, if you’re having the same dilemma I am, here’s a quick guide on how you can choose just the right web hosting service for you.

June 2, 2019
Review of VeeroTech SSD Micro based on first hand experience

Short term review of Veerotech SSD Micro based on the first-hand experience. It is one of their cheapest shared hosting plan which price is close to the Namecheap Stellar hosting plan (at the time I write this) Updates on June 4, 2019: It turns out that VeeroTech support is also top-notch, comparable to even Namecheap with their Live chat feature. They quickly solved my problem with .htaccess Updates on September 18, 2019: