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Review of VeeroTech SSD Micro based on first hand experience

Short term review of Veerotech SSD Micro based on the first-hand experience. It is one of their cheapest shared hosting plan which price is close to the Namecheap Stellar hosting plan (at the time I write this)

Updates on June 4, 2019:

It turns out that VeeroTech support is also top-notch, comparable to even Namecheap with their Live chat feature. They quickly solved my problem with .htaccess

Updates on September 18, 2019:

Here’s what I’ve found after three months using this service

This review of VeeroTech SSD Micro is based on my first hand experience with them. I know VeeroTech from /r/web hosting subreddit. It’s listed as one of their friends along with NixiHost, IWF Hosting, and KnownHost.

Before using their service, I used Namecheap for both hosting and domain registrant. I know it against the best practice to always separate them on different parties.

Compared to Namecheap hosting service

At first glance, VeeroTech SSD Micro is much faster. But this makes sense since it’s more expensive than the Namecheap hosting service.

Yet, I used the Namecheap $9/year hosting plan, which does not exist anymore now. Now, Namecheap shared hosting plan started on  $2.88/month which is only $1 cheaper than Veerotech.

And I also experience at least one downtime in a month with Namecheap in the last few months with them. I don’t blame them since it was the traffic to the site that started to grow.

Before choosing VeeroTech as the next host for my blog, I had tried Netlify service and convert my blog to a static site powered with the Netlify CMS. The performance was really good and it’s free. But, it’s very difficult to update or even expand the blog when it’s set up as a static site even with Netlify CMS in place.

Getting started with VeeroTech – with coupon code

I decided to give a try on their SSD Micro for $3.95/month. It’s only $1 more expensive than Namecheap Stellar. Yet, it’s already powered by SSD, which theoretically can write and read data much faster than the non-SSD storage like HDD (Note: SSD stands for Solid-state drive – which is much faster than HDD storage)

Though it’s already cheap, I am still curious if there is any promotional code that’s still active so I did some searches on Google and here’s what I found:


That coupon code with give a 50% discount for the first month and I applied that coupon during the signup process so I paid less than $2 for the first month , which is cheaper than Namecheap Stellar plan. Though, this will be another story if Namecheap still offered that old $9/year hosting plan.

Neat and user-friendly dashboard

Once I’ve completed the purchase and registration, they gave me a pretty neat and straightforward dashboard.

As I expected, they also provided the Softaculous Auto Install which can help me to install WordPress in some seconds.

Additionally, they also provided the auto-login to cPanel by clicking that “Login to cPanel” on the left navigation. This is much easier and quicker than typing/pasting the generated username and password on cPanel. Another host I had used, that also provided this feature is SiteGround.

Support for Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate – only need some clicks.

One year ago with NameCheap, I need to purchase Comodo SSL certificates along with the hosting service. However, I remembered that some folks on Reddit once told me that you don’t have to pay for SSL, at least for a personal blog. Just use the Let’s Encrypt certificate.

Surprisingly, VeeroTech supported this Let’s Encrypt SSL cert installation through their cPanel. All I have done were some clicks. No need to have a hassle with copy and paste the SSL cert codes.


They said that all plans included daily R1Soft backups (bi-hourly for cloud). I confirmed this on the cPanel for my SSD Micro hosting plan.

But as they said on their documentation, it’s always best to do the backup on your own and download it to your local storage — just in case something happened with theirs.

Easy to scale up or down

Their dashboard provided the way to scale up very clear at the top. Just click and choose the higher plan in case the customer needs more resources, once the traffic grows up and beyond the current’s resource ability.

In case you had resources more than your needs, the same interface also provided you with the way to scale down your current plan.

Easy to cancel

I also notice there is a menu on the dashboard that said “Request Cancellation”. Compared to Namecheap, I need to create a support ticket or chat with their live chat support to cancel the plan which is still on 30 days guarantee.


I can’t find any menu for “Live chat” supports on VeeroTech. The best I saw so far was, well..creating a support ticket.

Conclusion so far

So, those are my reviews of VeeroTech SSD Micro based on my first hand experience. Although its price is cheap, it’s performance and supports

Since I only spend the first few days with VeeroTech, I haven’t Review of VeeroTech SSD Micro based on first hand experiencebeen able to provide the long-term review.

But this VeeroTech SSD Micro plan looks promising so far. I did not need to contact the support for some silly questions. I can get the site with WordPress up in some seconds.

And when I checked the loading time of the homepage, it’s 465 ms on average! It’s much faster than Namecheap Stellar plan, where the same site with the same content and same WordPress set up always loads beyond 1 second on average.

The performance so far was also good. Can’t tell how its reliability for now but will add this once the first month is passed. I expect at least it will be as reliable as Netlify service – where I don’t see any downtime for almost 9 months.

The only thing I feel sorry for is I don’t look for another referral link. Here’s why I feel sorry, once I explored my account dashboard, I notice

Refer a friend or family member and you’ll both receive a $10 credit in your hosting account.

Therefore, if you decided to give a try on the service, please use my referral link so you’ll receive $10 credit in your hosting account.

P.S. I still used Namecheap as my domain registrar only.

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