Why The Best Web Hosting Provider Doesn’t Exist

Most people on the Internet are only familiar with the back office and front-end functionality of the websites. Just like other things in this world which are not ideal, so they are with web hosting provider. Here’s why The Best Web Hosting Provider doesn’t exist.

Appearance and navigation, after all, are the first things you’ll notice if you visit a site. But there’s more to a website than what meets the eye. Its underlying technicalities and complexities are actually made possible through web hosting.

The business of hosting a site is basically finding a space on the Internet where you can store your website. Once you found a space, people from all over the world can visit your website and access its content. Web hosting providers offer all the necessary tools and resources to keep your website from running and to increase its traffic—two strategic ways to rival your competitors.

However, there’s no perfect hosting company that works for everyone. The best doesn’t exist, and it might never exist due to the following reasons:

The Type Of The Website Is Always A Factor

The hosting needs of each website are different from others. Each website has its own brand, vision, and goal. The same goes for the products and services offered by the web hosting site. It’s nearly impossible to find a company that offers every feature your website needs as there are always limitations concerning customization, technical support, add-ons, and final design hinge. The option will all boil down to what your website wants to achieve: what are your page requirements? How much traffic growth are you expecting? Does it require third-party software integration? What’s the size of your business?—With all these questions you need to answer, it’s impossible for all web hosting companies to perfectly and completely scratch every feature off your list.

Storage Issues Are Inevitable

No software provider provides unlimited storage. Actually, there are some who say that they provide unlimited disk storage and bandwidth, but it’s not entirely true. It’s impossible to have the money to offer users limitless access to these services because there’s only a limited number of cables to transmit web data around the globe, and no company can support unlimited manpower resources to monitor all the servers and networks.

You can even head to the terms and conditions page of the web hosting company to check the limitations of this so-called “unlimited service”. Many of them implicitly state that they might reserve the right to limit your site’s processor time, bandwidth, and data storage if your usage is negatively impacting other users. Other limitations are in forms of CPU queries, inodes, SQL databases and connections, and FTP uploads.

Network Downtime Will Always Happen

For starters, “ Uptime” is defined as the number of times a data server is running, and it’s of foremost importance. It’s also used as a tool to measure the performance of the web hosting company at keeping their systems active. “ Downtime”, on the other hand, refers to servers being unavailable or offline. Internet servers with downtime rates above 1% a year or higher can cost many businesses a portion of their probable profit.

Most websites nowadays pledge that they offer web hosts that guarantee 99.99%-100% uptime, but these are only marketing strategies to lure customers. Downtime sometimes happens because a company needs to conduct server maintenance when there are technical issues. Additionally, there are also cases where your site will encounter user error because of internal issues.

Moreover, given the competitive nature of web hosting and the number of people using the Internet, it’s impossible for a web hosting company to provide a 0% downtime rate. Minimal downtime is hard to achieve, especially now that Internet security service company Netcraft released a statistical report stating that there are already 1.8 billion websites this year. It then goes without saying that the perfect figures in the uptime guarantee are not always reliable, and no site can really achieve 100% uptime.

The Presence Of Monthly Subscriptions

There’s no free web hosting app that provides all the best products and services a company could ask for. Under a free host, you’ll share the server and other resources with thousands of other sites, and Google will particularly rank sites with paid web hosting much higher than yours. So your best option is to register on a web hosting app with monthly subscription fees, even if none of them are perfect. You surely wouldn’t find the best web hosting provider at a fair price, but you can hand over your business to the better and most competitive ones in the market.

There’s Always A Room To Grow

The last reason is a no-brainer. Your business and all the web hosting providers out there always have room to grow. There’s no such thing as the best web hosting provider. Because every one of them is constantly improving to keep up with the ever-changing technology. You may not find the best one in the market, but there are providers that are worth your money.

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