Why should I use Cloud9 IDE?

As a developer, this question must have crossed your mind every once in a while. Why should I use Cloud9 IDE? Now that it has moved to AWS Cloud9, why should I use Cloud IDE in the first place?

The “Cloud” feature is almost everywhere these days that it makes it almost impossible that no application or software won’t have it.

This is because being on the “Cloud” offers much more convenience than you would expect.

This feature is so widespread that it has also made its way to the development sector, as well.

The Cloud 9 IDE, also known as Cloud 9 Integrated Development Platform, is an integrated development platform that is accessible online.

As far as usage goes, Cloud 9 has been breaking grounds when it comes to team development and teachings.

Here are other reasons on why you should start using Cloud 9 IDE.

It works well when you are working with a team.

Developers can easily expand their reach by editing the same code at the same time.

Cloud 9 also understands the need for the members to communicate with each other so they have integrated chats and discussions of the code in it as well.

It supports different computer languages.

Are you used to coding in Python, Ruby, JavaScript, or HTML?

You won’t have to worry about using which language you could work with because Cloud 9 fully supports these common programming languages.

It has a built-in File Transfer Protocol (FTP) which can save you a large amount of time in sharing and sending.

Cloud 9 IDE promises convenience and accessibility.

Therefore, it is not much of a shock that it has its own FTP which can be used in transferring files between a client and a server.

It has extended technical capabilities which will help you achieve more and do more with your programs.

Cloud 9 has a Linux terminal which will help you with Unix commands.

Aside from this, it also has its own built-in GNU compiler – the GCC Compiler

The collection will help in supporting different programming languages like C/C++ and Objective-C/C++.

It is very much accessible for developers who are always on the go.

As a developer, you know the troubles of coding at any time you want.

With Cloud 9, you won’t have to worry about it because you can work offline on your code.

You won’t have to worry about saving your progress, too, as of course it can be saved and worked on online.

My personal experience: With a cheap Android tablet that had a large screen, I can do my coding works pretty well using Cloud9 IDE. I only need the Chrome browser and “Hacker” keyboard on my tablet

It offers smart suggestions.

Think of it like when you are using your phone to write out a text or e-mail.

It offers you words that you usually use or words that start with the letters you’ve already typed out.

Cloud 9 also has that feature wherein you just type out code and it will return code suggestions for you to enter.

So much for convenience, right?

It has syntax highlighting which will definitely help you see your codes better.

Cloud 9 IDE has syntax highlighting for C#, C/C++, Clojure, CoffeeScript, ColdFusion, CSS, Apache Groovy, Java, JavaScript, LaTeX, Lua, Markdown, Ocaml, PHP, Perl, PowerShell, Python, Ruby, Scala, SCSS, SQL, Textile, X(HTML) and XML.

Just imagine the convenience of seeing your codes being highlighted and tracked down as you type.

Its environment is user-friendly and collaborative.

You might not notice it now but the environment plays a large role in an application.

What good will the features will be if the user cannot fully understand how to use or interact with it? With Cloud 9 IDE, it’s all factored in.

Minimalistic themes with a clean user interface and other features for easy coding such as multiple cursors for editing by one or more persons, parenthesis, bracket, and quote character matching, line numbers, warnings and errors in the gutter, tabbed file management, and drag-and-drop functions for files into projects.

It supports deployment to various platforms.

Cloud 9 can seamlessly deploy your codes in Heroku, Joyent, Microsoft Azure, Google App Engine, and SFTP/FTP among many others.

Aside from deployment, Cloud 9 supports both private and public projects.

With all of these in mind, go even more digital and make the switch using Cloud 9 IDE.

Work on your codes hassle-free, wherever you like, at any time of the day, with the language you feel comfortable writing with.

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