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Five workarounds to do when a site asks you to disable ad-blocker

When you visit a site or blog with your ad-blocker setup on the browser, it asks you to disable that. At this point, there are several workarounds to do. Let us see them one by one.

Disable javascript on your browser.

Most of the anti-ad-blocker are javascript. When you disable the javascript engine on your browser, that anti-ad-blocker won’t execute. If you’re with the uBlock Origin, you can disable javascript through its menu.

After you disable it, refresh the site that asks you to disable the ad-blocker. It’s great if it is still usable and readable to you. You can go ahead to browse its content. What if it’s not usable after you disable the javascript?

Remove the popup and its overlay using the development tool.

It requires an understanding of HTML. You can inspect the element with the browser’s development tool. Then, you can remove the popup and its overlay HTML. This way, you can access and read the content without disabling your browser’s ad blocker.

Activate browser reader mode.

Most major browsers like Chrome and Firefox have this reader mode. If you’re using Safari on macOS, click “View” then “Show Reader” to activate this reader mode. In such reader mode, the browser will display only the text content without javascript, images, and other clutters.

Setup Pi-Hole.

It is an advanced workaround. Do this at your own risk. If you’re curious, read on this GitHub repository. Here’s how it works: It works as a DNS server to nullify a request to DNS that serves ads. So, the anti-ad-block can’t detect it.

Close it and look for other similar sites.

It is the last effort if you can’t access the site content with your ad-blocker. Just close the site. Many similar sites may provide the content you need without asking you to turn off your ad blocker.

Final notes.

Please don’t give up by turning off your ad-blocker. If a site asks me to disable my ad-blocker, I skip it and close it. I’ll never visit such a site again.

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