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Problems that forced me to leave Dashlane for 1Password

Dashlane is good. Really good password manager for me. I had used it for a one-year, more or less. However, in the last month, I decided to move from Dashlane to 1Password. Here are the problems that forced me to leave Dashlane for 1Password. It’s not because Dashnale is not good enough, of course.

Plan to minimize the cost

Dashlane’s monthly cost is more expensive than 1Password. However, Dashlane did provide more features. Unfortunately, I don’t need those other features. What I need is just a pure password manager.

Many unused features on Dashlane

Dashlane does include the VPN on their features too. It’s more like a complete suite for a digital wallet where you can even save your credit card info and even your passport number there.

Again, I don’t need all of them. To pay for such unused features just did not make sense to me.

Auto submit feature

This is the first and the most important reason why I leave Dashlane for 1Password as my password manager software.

I did try to turn off the auto-submit function on the Dashlane app but it never works for me. Not sure why. Unfortunately, I am just too lazy to contact their support to explain this problem.

The auto-submit keeps running on all of my browsers: Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.

Even after I remove the browser extension and reinstall, then re-auth with the Dashlane app, the auto-fill along with the auto-submit feature is still there.

This distracted my workflow, so many times.

For example, I had to log in and switch on multiple Gmail account when I work on a different project.

When I had logged out from one Gmail account, then when I tried to fill it with, say, my personal Gmail that’s not tied into Dashlane, it keeps filling the form with the work Gmail credentials I saved on Dashlane.

Because of this,  I must log out again since I had logged in to wrong account.

I can’t find the way to fix this unless I log out from the Dashlane extension from that browser.

On the other hand, 1Password only showed me with the list of options to use to log in, without submitting the form automatically. Even better, it did not auto-fill the form unless I choose to click one of the accounts I need to use.

For many people, such an auto-submit feature may help a lot. But not me. Instead of helping, it’s distracting.

Back to 1Password, even after I choose the option to log in and it had filled the fields automatically, it did not submit the form automatically.

I need to click the submit button on the form before the form submits the data filled in its fields.

This part is what I love most from 1Password.

The way 1Password works will give me more control and chance to check if I filled the fields with the proper credential I want to log in to.

Problem with captcha and the likes

The way Dashlane works by triggering auto-submit on the form often makes me re-submit the form again if that form had a captcha check.

This because Dashlane can’t fill the captcha automatically. Yet, before I filled the captcha it had triggered the submiton the form.


Which one you should go for? It completely depends on your circumstances

If you only need a pure password manager to store all or almost all of your online passwords, it seems 1Password is a better choice for now.

But…if you need those features:

  • Dark Web Monitoring with personalized security alerts

  • VPN. For you who don’t want to bother signing up for a different account for VPN only.

  • Autofill and auto submit to the form

Dashlane gave you all of them for $4.99/month. 

Both Dashlane and 1Password also provided you with a 30 trial days period to try on their service.

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