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The Time Loop: The Encounter

Dr. Kim and Dr. Lee opened their eyes and saw that they were no longer in the control room but in a different place.

They saw that they were on a busy street, surrounded by people and cars.

They saw that they were in a city, with tall buildings and bright signs.

They saw that they were in the future, with advanced technology and futuristic designs.

They checked their watches and saw that it was July 22, 2023, at 1:00 p.m.

They had made it.

They had traveled five minutes into the future.

They looked around and tried to find Dr. Park.

They activated their external cameras and scanned the crowd.

They hoped to spot him, or at least his capsule.

They searched for his quantum signal or any sign of his presence.

They found nothing.

They realized that he was not there.

He had already made another jump, or he had hidden himself somewhere.

They wondered where he had gone, and what he was doing.

They wondered if they could still catch him, or if they had lost him.

They decided to try it.

They decided to continue their chase across time and space.

But they also realized that they had a problem. They realized that they had no idea where Dr. Park had gone, or when he had gone.

They realized that they had no clue about his plan or his motive.

They realized that they had no way to track him down or predict his next move.

They realized that they were in the dark and that he had the upper hand.

They decided to be smart and resourceful. They decided to use their skills and knowledge, as well as their courage and determination, to find Dr. Park and stop him.

They decided to be good scientists and good people.

They decided to do the right thing.

They contacted the other teams and asked them for any information or assistance.

They learned that none of the other teams had found Dr. Park either and that they were all facing similar difficulties and challenges.

They learned that Dr. Park was elusive and cunning and that he was using the device to evade them and execute his plan.

They learned that Dr. Park was dangerous and ruthless and that he was willing to do anything to achieve his goal.

They learned that Dr. Park was a threat and that he had to be stopped.

They agreed to work together and share their findings and ideas.

They agreed to cooperate and coordinate their actions and strategies.

They agreed to support each other and help each other out.

They agreed to be a team and to be friends.

They agreed to do their best to stop Dr. Park and save the day.

To be continued…

Categories: fiction   serial   time travel  

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