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The Time Loop: The Chase

Dr. Lee was shocked and angry when he heard about Dr. Park’s betrayal. He could not believe that one of his colleagues, whom he had trusted and respected, had deceived him and used the device for his purposes.

He wondered what Dr. Park wanted to do with the device, and what he hoped to achieve.

He wondered what timeline he had escaped to, and what he was doing there.

He wondered if he could find him, and stop him.

He decided to try it.

He decided to join Dr. Kim and the other scientists in their chase across time and space.

He decided to use the device again and see what would happen.

But he also remembered his decision and his promise. He remembered that the device was not a toy, but a powerful tool.

He remembered that it had risks and dangers and that it could have unforeseen consequences.

He remembered that it could create paradoxes or anomalies and that it could affect the fabric of reality.

He remembered that it could cause harm or damage and that it could violate the laws of nature.

He remembered that it could be misused or abused and that it could fall into the wrong hands.

He remembered that it could be a curse or a weapon.

He decided to be careful and responsible. He decided to follow the rules and regulations. He decided to respect ethics and morals. He decided to use the device only for scientific purposes, and only with proper authorization and supervision.

He decided to be a good scientist and a good person.

He decided to do the right thing.

He joined Dr. Kim and the other scientists in the control room, where they had set up a tracking system to locate Dr. Park’s quantum signal.

They had also prepared several capsules, each equipped with a quantum communicator and a time adjustment control.

They planned to use these capsules to travel to different timelines, where they hoped to find Dr. Park and stop him.

They divided themselves into teams, each with a leader and a destination.

Dr. Lee was assigned to Team A, led by Dr. Kim. Their destination was July 22, 2023, at 1:00 p.m., the same time as Dr. Park’s first jump.

They hoped to catch him before he made another jump, or at least find some clues about his plan.

They entered their capsule and put on their helmets and gloves.

They checked their equipment and their communication channels.

They were ready to go.

Dr. Kim looked at Dr. Lee and gave him a reassuring smile.

“Are you ready, Dr. Lee?” he asked.

“Yes, I’m ready,” Dr. Lee answered.

“OK, good. Let’s do this,” Dr. Kim said.

He turned the dial to 5, setting the time adjustment to five minutes into the future.

He pressed the button and felt a jolt of electricity.

They closed their eyes and hoped for the best.

To be continued…

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