How to deal with hosting that pushed you to upgrade

Recently I often read people say their hosting pushed them to upgrade to a higher plan. The reason is a common one. They say the hosted site has exceeded the limit. Therefore, they pushed the site owner to upgrade. Yet, most of them said they are not sure if their site’s traffic grows to that point. Some of them tell me the hosting claims have too much difference with their analytics data. How to deal with this? Hwo to deal with hosting that pushed you upgrade? Read these first.

Keep calm

Keep yourself calm. Trust me. They won’t just terminate your service. If they need your money, they’ll convince you to upgrade. Just reply to them that you need more days to decide.

Check thoroughly

Ask your developer to check. If you’re the developer, then you should do this by yourself. Does the site exceed the resource limit, or is that your host trying to upsell you?

Don’t rely completely on their analytics data. Most people are using Google Analytics. But, it never hurt to use another one to compare.

Because each analytics tool has its limitations. Though all of them ideally show similar trends.

After finishing to compare them, the site’s owners can decide if they’ll:

  • – upgrade. Consider this if they say the truth. It means they’re a decent hosting company.

  • migrate.

When you’re on this point, you need to make sure if your host is just trying to sell you more expensive service or your site has grown to the point where you need to upgrade.

If your analytics data has too many differences with theirs

It can be a sign that they’re trying to upsell you. It’s not good. If I am in that position, I’ll move to another host.

Here’s what I’ll do:

  • Backup everything and download it to your computer or upload it somewhere else such Google Drive.

  • Look for another host. I use VeeroTech now. It’s a decent hosting company, one of hosting friend of web-hosting subReddit.

  • If you register the domain on the same company, it’s better to transfer it somewhere else. Some recommendations are NameCheap, Google Domain, and NameSilo.

  • Move quietly.

Check on the internet

See if other folks have the same experience. If your host has done such bad practice to other customers too, chances are you’ll find some of their comments or testimonials somewhere over the internet.

Start migration and terminate your subscription

Once everything is ready, start the migration quietly. After that, terminate your subscription on the old host.

Spread the word

At least, let your relatives and friends know. The old host isn’t good. It’s trying to make you buy more expensive services you don’t need. This way, they won’t buy the service from that host.

However, you shall do the same if your old host is a decent one. This helps good companies to grow. On the other hand, it helps to stop fraud companies to grab new customers too.

Add to your blacklist

So, you’ll never forget. In the future, if one of our colleagues ask recommendation, you can tell them to stay away from that host.

Install Cloudflare

Even their free service is enough to save some resources on your hosting. Cloudflare will serve the visitors with their caches of your site if they have it. This means a significant reduction in your hosting’s resource usages.

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