5 Inspiring Businesses That Made It Big!

If you are looking for some solid inspiration to get you up off that sofa and into your office then you can’t go wrong with the high-achieving and super-successful business details below. Read on to find out who they are.


Making over $300 million per year, Spanx is a business that is based around shapewear. Indeed, many people reading this post will have bought and worn Spanx body shaping products which are both stretchy and comfortable but also sculpting. They come in a variety of forms as well from full-body shapers to garments designed to flatten the belly, slim the thighs or arms, and even the butt.

The brainchild of Sara Blakely, who came up with the idea by cutting the feet off of some control top stockings, famous entrepreneurs including Oprah Winfrey and Reese Witherspoon now own shares in the Spanx brand.

The Millennia Companies

Property developers that have housed over 80,000 people across 26 US states The Millennia Companies are our next entry in this list of high-achieving companies.

Their guiding mission is to provide affordable multifamily houses, while also supporting and building up communities. They do this by making sure that residents have access to resident service programming at many of their sites.

With their recent project collecting $32.5 Million in Financing for the Rehabilitation of Linden Terrace in Harrisburg, you can see that The Millennia Companies continue to perform strongly and uphold their mission.

Plenty of Fish

Right now dating is big business, and one of the most successful sites ever created in this field is Plenty of Fish, or POF as it’s also lovingly known. Plenty of Fish’s profitability grew quickly and after only five years it was bridging in around $10 million per year.

The funny thing is that the founder Markus Frind wasn’t even that interested in creating a dating website. Instead, POF was just an example project for a new programming language he was learning. But POF hit it off and this allowed Friend to sell the platform in 2015 for a whopping $575 million! Nice!


If you have ever been through the frustration of trying to find good value fights online, then you will instantly recognize the value of our next impressive business, Skyscanner. Essentially a search engine built to compare both the prices of flights and the different options on offer in one place, over 100 use the platform regularly.

However, founder Gareth Williams couldn’t have known this when he began the task of developing Skyscanner in 2003. He also probably had no idea that he would sell the platform for well over a billion dollars in 2016 either, but such was and continues to be its success!


No list of inspiring businesses would be complete without a mention of the tech giant Apple! Producers of iconic products like the iPhone, the AppleMac, and the iPad, Apple was founded in the garage of Steve Jobs back in 1976.

By 1980 Apple’s sales reached $117 million, and today in 2023 clocks in at a massive 383.29 billion dollars! Wow!

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