Understanding Electrical Supply Chain Issues

Unfortunately, there are still countless supply chain issues in the electrical industry. This can no doubt impact on both contractors and their customers, so it’s important that you can understand the electrical supply chain projections to adapt accordingly.

Numerous supply issues are taking place right now. First and foremost, there are problems with panel boards and switches due to the shortage of aluminium and steel. More than 600,000 metric tons of aluminium production was suspended in January 2022 thanks to the rising cost of energy as a result of the conflict in Ukraine.

Circuit breakers were also affected, as 60% of manufacturers are still reporting shortages for these essential products. Switchgear isn’t faring any better, as producers are now predicting wait times of up to 40 weeks for manufacturing and delivery, leaving many contractors and their clients with disastrous delays to contend with.

Wire and cable prices exceeded the previous historical highs during the 2005-2007 boom, which in turn led to the 2008 real estate crisis. This is a particularly worrying statistic, as it seems that worse times are soon to follow. Unfortunately, there is little hope that these delays, issues and price increases will phase out any time soon. In fact, the cost and time frame associated with electrical supplies is expected to continue to rise.

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