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How I embed video on blog post using Hugo CMS

I used Hugo static CMS to manage content on all of my blogs. But there’s a problem with embedding video on the blog post. When I put the embedded codes for the video, it’s not showing on the blog post. In my case, the blog post files are in markdown format. But, as far as I know, it’s always possible to put HTML tags inside the markdown file.

Reason why the embedded video is not showing

After inspecting the HTML element, I don’t see the embedded codes for the video there. I figured out that by default, Hugo stripped off the HTML tags that it considered dangerous: the embed and iframe tags.

That means I need to figure out how to change such behavior to allow those HTML tags.

Temporary solution

After searching here and there, I get a temporary solution to allow those HTML tags to render. Here are the details:

  • Open the Hugo config file.
  • Add these two lines of codes:
  unsafe = true
  • Voila, the embedded video now renders on the blog post.
  • Last, remember to deploy it to the server and restart it.

I know this is not an ideal solution. But it fixes the problem for now.

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