Blank Magical Book Transforms Boy's Life! - Book of Arda

Evan was restless. He despised the school, hated his teachers and classmates, and had no friends, hobbies, or dreams. He felt like he was living in a bleak and dull world where nothing ever changed, and nothing ever mattered.

He often wished he could escape to another world, a world of adventure and magic, where he could be someone else, someone better. He loved reading fantasy books and playing video games, but they were not enough to satisfy his longing. He wanted to experience something real, something exciting, something different.

One day, walking home from school, he saw a sign that caught his eye. It said: “Book Sale! Everything must go!” He decided to check it out, hoping to find something interesting. He entered the small bookstore, filled with shelves of old and dusty books. He browsed through the titles, but they all appealed to him. They were all too boring, too familiar, too mundane.

He was about to leave when he noticed a book that stood out. It was a large and thick tome, bound in leather and adorned with silver. It had no title on the cover, but it had a strange symbol that looked like a circle with eight rays. He picked it up and opened it, curious to see what was inside.

He was surprised to find that the book was blank. There were no words, no pictures, no illustrations. It’s just empty pages of parchment. He felt a pang of disappointment but also a spark of curiosity. Why would someone sell a blank book? What was the meaning of the symbol on the cover? Was there something hidden in the book?

He decided to buy it, hoping to find out more. He paid the cashier, who gave him a weird look as if he knew something that Evan didn’t. He ignored him and left the store, clutching the book.

He ran home and locked himself in his room. He placed the book on his desk and examined it more closely. He tried to read the symbol on the cover, but it made no sense. He flipped through the pages again, but they were still blank. He felt frustrated and confused.

He wondered if the book was some prank or joke. Maybe someone had erased the contents of the book with magic or technology. There may be nothing special about it.

He was about to give up and throw the book away when he noticed something strange. On one of the pages, there was a faint mark that looked like a fingerprint. He touched it with his finger, and suddenly, the page glowed with a bright light.

He gasped and dropped the book on the floor. He stared at it in shock and awe as words and images appeared on the pages. He didn’t recognize the book’s language, but somehow he could understand them.

They told a story of a world called Arda, a world of swords and sorcery, where different races lived together in harmony or conflict. They described its history, geography, culture, politics, religion, and magic.

They also told a story of four children transported to Arda by a mysterious book. They were Max Raine, Ruby Lark, Nate Rand, and Kyle Raine. They had different personalities and backgrounds but shared a common desire: to return to their world.

They joined forces with other characters they met along the way: Fluffy, a friendly moogle who became Max’s best friend; Zane Berwick, a rebellious nu mou who opposed the laws of Arda; Tara, a beautiful Viera archer who helped Ruby accept herself; Bane Swain, Nate’s loyal banana bodyguard; Sid Rand, Nate’s father and the leader of the judges; Lander Twem, Nate’s dark alter ego who sought to destroy everything; Queen Rena, Nate’s mother and the ruler of Arda; Lila, Cole, Gus, and other members of Clan Lark; Nana, Fluffy’s brother and an airship engineer; Elana, Lenny, Chay, Pala, Quinn, Lily, and other secret characters who joined Max’s clan.

They faced many challenges and enemies: rival clans who fought for territory and treasure; monsters who roamed the lands; judges who enforced the laws; Totem who guarded the crystals; Lander who tried to kill them; Rena who wanted to keep them in Arda.

They also learned many secrets: about the book that brought them to Arda; about the crystals that shaped the world; about the Grand Grimoire that controlled everything; about the truth behind Nate’s wish; about the consequences of their actions.

They had to make many choices: to fight or to flee; to obey or to rebel; to trust or to doubt; to stay or to leave.

They had to face many questions: What is real? What is an illusion? What is right? What is wrong? What is good? What is evil? What is happiness? What is sadness? What is friendship? What is love? What is home?

They had to find their answers.

They had to find their way.

Evan was captivated by the story. He felt like he was living it like one of the characters and felt their emotions, fears, hopes, joys, and sorrows. He cared for them; he rooted and cried for them, then laughed with them.

He read the book for hours until he reached the end. He closed the book and sighed, feeling satisfaction and emptiness. He wished he could read more and wished he could join them.

To be continued…

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