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How To Save Money On Paper Use in The Office

According to research, approximately 1 billion trees worth of paper is wasted annually in the US. And you are likely contributing to this problem with the amount of paper waste you generate in your office. Today, several businesses are paying attention to the amount of paper they waste each day and constantly look for ways to recycle their paper instead of tossing it inside the office bins. Whether you have a paper waste problem or otherwise, here are a few ways to save money on paper use.

1. Swap paper for online forms

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Online forms are a more convenient, effective, and cost-effective way to handle some operations like delivering customer surveys, filing vacation requests, or asking for your customers' feedback. Another advantage of online forms is that you can automatically integrate responses with other business tools to keep your business running efficiently. You can imagine how convenient it is to collect responses without paper or pen or use WIFI-enabled form builders. Using online forms will also help you save time.

2. Archive digitally

If you have numerous filing cabinets overflowing with paperwork, it’s time to think about digitizing them. Saving your papers to a server or cloud-based system is a good choice for eco reasons, but it may also boost workplace productivity and reduce storage costs. Company policies, employee handbooks, and onboarding regulations can be stored online so that staff can access them from any location when the need be. Additionally, an ordered digital system guarantees that your digital copies are saved rather than crammed in folders. A multifunctional printer or copier can come in handy in scanning your documents directly to your email or digital folders. You can talk to a canon copier dealer to optimize your print environment fully with the right software solutions.

3. Double-sided print

This may seem pretty obvious, but do you know you can cut your paper use by almost half by double printing? So if you have to use paper, make sure you print on both sides. This way, you can save a lot of paper other people can use to print their documents. Printing on both sides of the paper can help manage your office space and save money since you won’t have to frequently stock up on paper.

4. Communicate via email

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How much paper you save by communicating via email rather than sending letters will shock you. You can also save the office significantly in costs of buying papers and stamps to mail letters. Communicating or delivering emails to clients and coworkers rather than printing and giving them out saves you lots of paper. Email communication allows you to communicate quickly and efficiently and significantly saves you costs and paper usage.

While it is hard to imagine your office without paper, it is possible to cut back on your paper usage to save money and the planet. with environmental conservatism at the forefront of global discussion, you can contribute by reducing your daily paper use.

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