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How To Increase Productivity Within Your Business

Productivity levels are one of the most significant contributors to the success of your business. In fact, a recent study revealed that “low productivity costs employers around USD 1.8 billion dollars annually.”

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Thankfully, there are plenty of steps you can follow to help your team work their way out of a productivity slump and put your business on the path to success.

Create a positive workplace environment.

Your workplace should be a warm, welcoming environment where every member of the team feels supported. This is because it will foster a sense of engagement that encourages them to work hard, without feeling overwhelmed or stressed. It will also help when it comes to improving teamwork and collaboration within your business.

Furthermore, studies have shown that “engaged employees are more productive, resulting in a 21% increase in profits.” Thankfully, there are many ways in which you can work to curate a better working environment for your team. For example, you should make it clear that you’re working together, not against each other, and have systems in place where they can reach out and get help if they need it.

Take regular breaks.

Did you know that “research has revealed that the average adult human is only able to concentrate on a task for around 15 to 20 minutes?” Despite this, many employees do not take breaks during the working day, often citing that they are too busy. While they may feel as though they are being productive by sitting behind their desks all day, this isn’t strictly the case, especially if their focus levels are dropping.

After all, this means that it could actually take them longer to complete the tasks than it would if they took a ten-minute break and got some fresh air. They are also more likely to make mistakes when burned out, unfocused, or fatigued. As such, you should encourage your team to take regular breaks when they need them.

Invest in technology.

Another way in which you can increase your productivity rates within your company is by investing in productivity-enhancing tech. For example, you could use software that automates certain duties, such as email responses, so that your team has less on their plate each day. They are then more productive by default, as they are less likely to be overburdened or overworked.

This also comes with the added benefit of making your business run much more efficiently, which can improve client satisfaction rates and help you to win over new customers.

You may also want to invest in time-tracking software, which helps your team better understand how they use their time, or how much of their schedule they need to dedicate to a certain project. Over time, this can be used to ensure they work both productively and efficiently. You can find out more about manage software here.

Make hybrid working the norm.

While working from home may have become the ‘norm’ for your business during the pandemic, many businesses are encouraging their team to return to the office full-time. However, as working from home brought forth so many benefits for employees, especially when it comes to workplace satisfaction, you may want to create a hybrid working schedule.

This is beneficial in more ways than one. For example, in a recent study, “78% of employees have said that a hybrid work plan leads to a better work/life balance.” This in turn, means that they are more productive as they’ve been able to better enjoy their downtime, and they’re also less stressed. Furthermore, it frees up more time in their day as they do not lose out by having to commute to and from work. Some studies have even shown that people are more productive working at home than they are in the office, as there are less distractions present.

Incentivize your team.

Sometimes, the easiest way to curb low productivity rates is to provide your team with an incentive that will reignite their passion for their job. For example, this could include “financial compensation, company perks , awards and even trips away.” The more creative you can be, the better - especially if you offer them the kind of incentives that you know they will love.

Studies have also shown that systems such as employee of the week/month can also be great motivation and productivity boosters, as without this kind of recognition from higher-ups, “employees may start to question whether or not they’re being seen by the management.” It can also create a sense of friendly competition between employees, which encourages everyone to work harder.

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