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4 Technical Areas Municipal Organizations Must Improve Upon

4 Technical Areas Municipal Organizations Must Improve Upon

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It seems to be a running theme in many local governments, that their tech is always lagging. But this doesn’t have to be the case. Businesses need to address where their technologies are falling behind. And while many businesses are aware of keeping ahead of the curve, it seems that local municipalities do not have the same funding common or the foresight to address why the technology is failing. Let’s show you some key technological areas where a local municipality can transform its processes.

Capturing Information Effectively

Difficulty in capturing information properly is something that many local organizations can struggle with. The problem stems from insufficient technology and staffing to deal with login information correctly. There is also the problem of miscommunication. If one complaint goes to one department when it should have gone in a different direction, this further elongates the process. That this is where it’s possible to use 311 software designed for local governments to capture citizen issues from various sources while also using cloud software to make sure it is easily accessible via any department.

A Lack of Online Citizen Engagement

While technology has made it easier for citizens to participate in open forums, technical issues seem to get in the way. But some solutions can help. Organizations can participate in online citizen engagement through a wider variety of channels. Predominantly, the big problem facing local municipalities is a lack of contact ability. But these days, with the variety of social media platforms and digital agencies being able to give local municipalities a makeover as far as their marketing is concerned, it should be easier.

Poor Reporting Software

Reporting software is invaluable to create data-driven reports. This software will help local municipalities distribute information effectively across different channels while also using them for better citizen engagement and interaction. Overall, this allows a local municipality to develop a more transparent approach. Using a balanced scorecard and dashboard software can help any local municipality to create more substantial reports and provide a niche within the market.

A Lack of Web Presence and UI

A lot of websites are outdated. You don’t have to go far to see how little municipalities are behind the times. The typical website layout is very 2002, and the user interface UI leaves a lot to be desired. If a citizen has to venture through a variety of channels through the website to find a web form, for example, they will only become frustrated by the time they come to either voice a concern or, more likely, file a complaint. One of the simplest things for any municipal website to do is to make it compatible with smartphones. Many businesses now use UI as a way of engaging with people. It is just as crucial for municipal organizations to do the same.

What’s more, one of the biggest problems is a straightforward one in cybersecurity. There have been numerous data breaches, and it is barlhardy for local municipal organizations to think they would not be messed with.

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