Will Gutenberg replace page builders?

The short answer is yes, over the years, it will. Although many people say  no , I take it as  not yet . It won’t replace those popular page builders anytime soon, but it will do it slowly but surely. Will Gutenberg replace page builders?

Integration with WordPress core

Gutenberg is part of WordPress core. Any company or individual who wants to build a plugin or theme for WordPress  **must ** make it fully compatible with Gutenberg. 

There’s no guarantee of how long the Classic Editor will be there. Someday, Classic Editor will be a memory from good old days. When that day comes, Gutenberg will be the only editor of WordPress. 

Whether you like it or not, the direction is clear. It’s just a matter of time when will they fully deprecate the Classic Editor from WordPress.

Other page builders don’t have this privilege. All of the plugins and themes developers will focus their effort to make their product compatible with Gutenberg. On another side, not many developers will do the same for those popular page builders.

Supports from whole WordPress community

This is the implication after its integration into WordPress core. Because it’s a part of the core, the whole WordPress community will support it even though some users still hate Gutenberg. Over time, those users will have no choice but to accept it.

Page builders integration with Gutenberg

This is a direct implication after Gutenberg becomes part of the WordPress core. All plugins  **must ** work well with Gutenberg. Page builders’ plugins are no exception.

If they hold a hostile position towards Gutenberg, they’ll get lost sooner than later. Therefore, one of the ways to survive is integrating with Gutenberg.

Gutenberg keeps expanding

Since it’s a part of WordPress core itself, all of the WordPress contributors will keep adding more features to this Gutenberg. Gutenberg may not be a replacement for advanced page builders at the moment. However, as more and more contributors are working on it, it will achieve the advanced page builders sooner than later.

Still not convinced? Read on my own story below.

Some days ago, one of my clients asked me to duplicate one of his landing pages. He built that landing page using Leadpages service. He wanted me to duplicate it as one of the WordPress pages on his site.

The site has no page builders. So, I give the Gutenberg a try to help me finish the job. It is a complex landing page with count down timer. 

I was able to finish the job for three hours. It’s not because the Gutenberg is not powerful. But it’s because I need to read its documentation in more detail to find the way replicating the page in  WordPress Gutenberg way. 

Will the other page builders help me finish the job faster? I don’t know. But, I don’t want to use additional plugin when I can get the functionality from the core. 

Themes developers are working 

indirectly for Gutenberg

Like I’ve mentioned above, all of the theme developers will prioritize the support for Gutenberg on their theme first. This means they support the Gutenberg indirectly. There’s no better option than supporting the Gutenberg because it’s already the part of WordPress core.

The same goes for the plugin’s developers. The bigger ones will keep the support for other page builders. But the smaller ones won’t do it anymore.


So, will Gutenberg replace page builders?  Yes, it will . Others say it won’t be so soon. But who knows? The fact that it’s already the part of WordPress core secures its way to replace those popular page builders. 

Here’s an analogy for this. Will the WordPressers install other plugins to replace the TinyMCE editor before Gutenberg comes up? I don’t think so. The reason is obvious. 

At that time, page builders come in handy because the default W{ editor makes it harder for users to build custom page content. Gutenberg fills that gap. 

I  **must ** admit that Gutenberg hasn’t offered advanced features like other page builders at the moment. Yet, it will close this gap sooner than our prediction. 

Still not convinced? Read the links below.

As a reminder, they’ll release WordPress 5.3 in the next six days. On that day, we’ll see many improvements for Gutenberg. 

With such support, I expect Gutenberg will replace other third-party page builders around the time they remove the Classic Editor completely. It’s likely happening in less than five years from now.

Finally, thanks for reading my  personal opinion .

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