Prevent Gutenberg converts paragraphs to blocks when you copy and paste

When you copy and paste a text from somewhere else like MS. Words, you will see the Gutenberg converts each of the paragraphs inside that text into a block. That’s annoying but there is a workaround to avoid this. Here’s how I prevent Gutenberg converts paragraphs to blocks when I copy and paste there.

Background story

If you want to skip the story, then just scroll down to the bottom for the simple steps to prevent it converts your paragraphs into blocks after you clicked “Paste” or press “Ctrl + V”

Last weekend, I had some spare hours. I decide to use it to explore this new default WordPress editor: Gutenberg.

This new official editor of the WordPress along with its drama, seems interesting. Many people gave it one-star rating because they said it breaks their site after the update to WordPress 5.

I don’t have anything against this new editor until I tried it at a glance months ago, on the beginning of 2019.

Because I only try it a glance, I found it puzzling for the first time. Not only that, but I also had a bad opinion about Gutenberg.

With such opinion in my mind for about six months, I always install the “Classic Editor” plugin on each WordPress I am working on. Besides, the Softaculous install for WordPress also prompts me to do so, along with the “Loginizer” plugin.

But, after I explored this Gutenberg more during this weekend, my opinions about it begins to change.

As I said, it’s not that bad. We only need to play with it more, with a bit of willingness to learn.

In some ways, it even provides a simpler way to do many more things. Many more things that require us to install some premium plugins or themes first, when we’re still using the Classic Editor.

Now, let get to the point: You can just use Classic Editor inside the Gutenberg, without installing any plugins.

In short: just use Classic Editor inside the Gutenberg editor.

Did you know that we can use Classic Editor inside the Gutenberg even we don’t install the Classic Editor plugin?

Follow the steps below for details.

Here is how we prevent Gutenberg to convert the paragraphs into a block when we copy it from somewhere else (website, MS. Word, any of our favorite text editor)

1. Click the plus icon at the top left of Gutenberg to add new block: Classic.

2. After that, copy and paste all of the paragraphs into the new “Classic” block we just added on the first step above.

3. Last step: You can see the result that all paragraphs are inside the “Classic” block. Gutenberg did not convert them into a block.

But, you can convert them into a block in the future. It’s also simple to do this. Just click that three dots icon on the top right of the Classic block.

Then, you will see a menu “Convert to blocks”. Just click that menu and Gutenberg will convert each paragraph inside that block into many different blocks. Each paragraph will be one block.

However, I haven’t found the way to revert the conversion yet. In case you know it, please let me know in the comment below.

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