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My opinions about Google Native Lazyload plugin for WordPress

Today, when I am exploring Reddit, I notice something interesting. It’s ** ** saying  Google releases official ‘Native Lazyload’ plugin for WordPress. I follow the link and land on the plugin page  there.  So, here’s my opinions about this Google Native Lazyload plugin for WordPress.

The developer of the plugin is Google

Yes. I confirmed there. One of the developers of the plugin is Google itself. The plugin is legit. Guess, it’s worth to test.

After installing it, I see there’s an improvement though it’s not significant for mobile users. But, it’s significantly improving for desktop users. Since most of my blog’s readers are using desktop, I think I am going to continue using this plugin.

What does it do?

In short, it will make all your images and iframes in post content to load lazily. However, this will happen when your reader’s browser is supporting the loading attribute.

Because Google is the one who develops this plugin, you can bet that Google Chrome is the browser that supports this. In my case, most of my readers are using Google Chrome. The next browser on the list is Firefox. I don’t know if Firefox is supporting the attribute but if it’s not, there’s a Javascript fallback to handle the case.

Will it help SEO?

Though I can’t confirm there’s a direct correlation with SEO, I believe it will help, indirectly. How?

Remember that Google loves  **fast ** loading site. The faster your blog or site’s loading time, the better of your chance of getting Google’s attention. 

Because this plugin is coming from Google itself, and its purpose is making the WordPress powered sites to load all images lazily, I am sure installing this plugin will help the SEO for your blog or site.

Should you install?

It depends on many factors. For the first step, you may take a look at your analytics. Take a look at what browser do your audience use most?

If most of them are using Google Chrome, I think it’s worth to install and observe this plugin. Otherwise, your website won’t get significant benefits.


Whether or not you decide to install this plugin, in my opinion, I believe someday, some people or Google will try to get this integrating into WordPress core. There’s already a discussion about it here:

I agree this can be a part of WordPress core. That way, I don’t need to install it as a plugin. My reasons are similar like the ones on that discussion page.

Because Google is behind the plugin, I am sure that other major browsers will support the loading attribute soon. When it happened, there’s no way this plugin can’t be a part of WordPress core. Otherwise, there will be no standard and stable way for WordPress site owners to use the lazy loading’s native browser feature.

What do you think?

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