How I actually resolve to disable comments now

It’s been a month, more or less, since I post an update here. The schedule is tight until now. Today, when I have a chance to check in here, I’m surprised seeing so many spam comments. There are more than 150 spam comments. That’s not including the rest of spam comments which hit the filter I’ve set up and thrown to the trash. So, here’s how I actually resolve to disable comments now.

This still happens even I’ve disabled links on the comments form. Those spammers keep targeting the comment form on every post. I have the plan to add something like captcha but I decide not to go with that plan.

Here’s why: I hate to fill the captcha. It’s wasting my time. I won’t sign up or submit anything if I ever see a captcha on the form, with some exceptions of course.

On the other hand, there are quite a few legitimate comments there. Less than 10, including my replies.

After thinking, and thinking again since the beginning of this month, I finally resolve this decision. I will disable comments now.

The majority of visitors who come here won’t ever bother with leaving a comment. The number of visitors who leave a legit comment versus the total number of visitors is too far off.

So, why should I bother to do any efforts to handle those spams? Blocking them completely is the way to go, for now.

Instead of allocating such minutes to bother with those spams, I’ll re-allocate those minutes to scribbles some drafts to give an update here. This is more make sense, I believe.

What about Akismet? I decide to ditch it. In my case, even I’ve bought the license along with Jetpack Personal Plan, those spam comments still pass. Not sure why. Well, it’s sad but that’s how internet works, I think.

With the efforts I’ve done to disable and remove all spam comments today, I can shrink the number of installed plugins by 22%. This is good. The less plugin, the lighter of the site, the faster it is.

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