Google's featured snippets are not always accurate

A featured snippet is a summary of a search result that is displayed on top of the search results page. It is meant to give the searcher a quick overview of the information they are looking for.

featured snippet problem As you can see above, I put this keyword on Google search box: is twiends trustworthy. Then, it gives that answer:

One of the things that they promise is organic growth, so you don’t have to worry about bots or fake engagement. They promise that they don’t grow your account with anything other than genuine features, so you can feel confident you’re getting the best service. They are also 100% safe, which is a nice little bonus.

What I see on the original post

featured snippet problem As you can see, on the page’s article above, it’s not talking about Twiends but it’s talking about Tweeteev , which is entirely different service.

This means the featured snippets above is giving us the wrong information. We asked about the Twiends service, but it gives the answer about the different service.

Found facts

I block the page’s source URL above on purpose. But, I’ll share the facts I found relating to that website:

  • It’s using WordPress, WordPress 6.1.1 to be precise.
  • It’s using Elementor page builder.
  • It’s sitting behind Cloudflare service.
  • Some of meta OG tags are duplicated, such as og:url and og:site_name
  • When I view page source, it mostly contains of Javascripts without HTML. It means the HTML is loaded dynamically. Not sure if this is because of Elementor page builder.
  • Like OG tags, some of twitter card meta tags are also duplicated.
  • It’s using some WordPress plugins like Jetpack, Coupon Reveal Button, Easy Affiliate Links, Elementor Pro, and others.


Based on the facts I found above, I am thinking one of them can be the cause of the problem with wrong information displayed on the featured snippets search result. Honestly, I don’t know which ones.

There is no proof one or more of the found facts above are the cause of the wrong information of featured snippets either. Yet, I still recommend to fix some problems like duplicated OG meta tags and twitter card meta tags.

Beside that, according to this page, it looks like the featured snippets is not always giving you the most accurate, correct result.


If you’re doing Google search, don’t solely depend on the featured snippets answer. Always do a double check, at least read the original article thoroughly, to make sure the information is accurate.

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