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How to use ranktank google sheets real-time keyword tool

If you have not heard or known about this free and simple keyword tool, you should check this Rank tank tool. But you may overlook the easy way to use it. If so, here’s how to use ranktank Google sheets real-time keyword tool.

I’ll give you the link at the end of the article.

First, let me tell you the story how I stumbled upon this free and real-time tool ( which is very rare because even Google Search Console tool is not real time, at least at the time I wrote this ).

At that time, I was searching for the free and simple tool to let me know how’s the rank for a keyword, for a given URL.

To make the story short, I came across this rank tank free keyword tool.

The tool is really simple, it can be run only using Google Sheets.

No need to sign up for anything, but the author would appreciate it if you gave him your e-mail address.

After copying the tool to my Google Sheet, I opened it and I was a bit confused to see it.

Therefore, I am confused about how to get started with this tool.

Then, I tried to edit “Your domain” value with the domain of this site:

I choose the region as “United States” though when you clicked the down-arrow icon next to it, it will give you a long list of other countries.

Same thing with the “Language” column.

I left it with “English”

Next, I jumped into the section where “Keyword”, “MSV”, “Rank”, “Ranked URL”, and the other columns are.

At this point, I still don’t understand how this works.

What I tried is I changed the value of the “Keyword” column on the first row.

I typed “Kevin rails” there.

Voila! When I finished the change, it seems to trigger the tools to work.

The text under the “Rank” column is changing to “Crawling” for some seconds, then it shows “1” there.

The same thing happened on the rest of the columns for that row.

Now I got how this tool works.

It’s working based on the value you type on the first section here, by specifying the domain you want to check.

I never use SEMRush tools so I just left it as no.

What I loved most about this tool is its simplicity and it’s very easy to use and get the information you need:

  • What’s the rank for that keyword on “Rank” column

  • What’s the URL that ranked for that keyword on the “Ranked URL” column.

  • Who’s right above you on the “Who’s right above you” column. This is empty if you had ranked on the first. But this will give you the URL of the site which position is right above your site on SERP, for that keyword.

  • Who’s right below you on the “Who’s right below you” column. Same as “Who’s right above you”, it told you the site’s URL which’s right below yours on SERP.

  • Who ranks number one for that keyword on “Who ranks number one?” column. This will give you the site’s URL which is on the top position of SERP for that keyword you inputted.

And the best stuff about this tool is it is checking on the real-time Google Search Engine Result Page.

This means if you have the number one rank for the keyword you typed on the “Keyword” column. You can see the same result when you’re heading to and type that same keyword, and you’re going to see the same result.

Very cool, isn’t it?

Unlike another tool, even for Google Search Console ( formerly Google Web Master Tools ), which only gave you the data from days or weeks or even months ago.

Before I forget, here’s the link to the tool:

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