Best practices to decide on backlinks for your blog post or blog homepage

Should backlinks be for your blog post or blog homepage?

Backlinks are crucial for both your blog post and homepage. However, the type and quantity of backlinks may vary depending on your specific goals for each. If you want to drive traffic to a blog post, it’s a good idea to focus on building backlinks that point directly to that post. On the other hand, if you want to improve the authority and visibility of your blog, it’s important to build backlinks to your homepage as well. Ultimately, the ideal backlinking strategy will depend on your specific blogging goals and audience.

You should build backlinks for your blog post if:

  • It is new. However, you want Google to crawl and include it on its index.
  • It has been around for years. Yet, it’s not in a good position on the Google Search result page.
  • You want it to generate significant amounts of traffic.

As I’ve said above, if you want to improve the authority of your whole blog, you must focus on building backlinks for the homepage. Some advantages if you build backlinks on your blog homepage are:

  • If you post a new blog post there, and it’s linked from the homepage, Google will be faster to crawl, index, and rank it because it receives link juice from the homepage.
  • It improves the authority and visibility of your blog as a whole. It’s because every page on your blog will begin from the homepage.

Which one should you go to first?

Again, that depends on your own goal. Eleven years ago, I only built links to my blog homepage and ignored the posting page. However, search engines have evolved so much since that time. So, it’s irrelevant to build backlinks just for the blog homepage.

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