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The quest for better and more valuable SEO plugins

I write this for commoners who often get overwhelmed and even confused. There are just too many good and bad tech reviews for a product or service they will use. (or even buy!) Here’s the story with an example of a real case: my quest for better and more valuable SEO plugins


This begins with a discussion on one of the largest forums on the internet.

Someone asked for suggestions between the two SEO plugins for WordPress.

The first plugin is popular. Another one is a newcomer.

Some (or should I say many) give supporting comments for the newcomer plugin. Some of them even said the one that’s already popular is bloated.

When I took part in that talks and said my current SEO plugin (which is not those two plugins) works nicely, some other folks urge me to try this newcomer plugin.

However, I realize that most of the features offered by that newcomer plugin are the ones that my current SEO plugin supports too.

Yet, it’s tempting to switch something with another better one, isn’t it?

Exploring more

I am a realist and cautious person. I trust no good or bad reviews before trying it myself.

Even if the reviews were from a discussion on the largest forum on the internet. I believe there are many interests in such a discussion. Not every word or every comment is honest.

Thus, I did more explorations on that newcomer SEO plugin by myself.

It’s bloated?

If some people said that the most popular SEO plugin bloated, this one is no different. After glancing at some of its screenshots, I even conclude if this new plugin even gets more bloated.

Many good reviews

Good reviews for this new plugin are indeed overwhelming. It gets 4.9 stars on its WordPress. org plugin page. This shows that the plugins work for most of the WordPressers there.

But that doesn’t guarantee it will work for everyone, does it? I justify this by reading the comments from the people who gave one or two stars. Most of them said it did not work on their end.

Few bad reviews

There are also a few bad reviews which give one or two stars. Some bad reviewers claimed they had years of experience with SEO and had used another plugin which is the current most popular plugin. Then, once switching to this new one he said his site traffic suddenly drops.

Whether his claim is true or false, it doesn’t matter. There are so many factors that cause a sudden drop in traffic. It could be a coincidence that it happened right away after he tries the plugin? Who knows?

It’s a common cause. There are no plugins that work best for all the WordPress sites. If there’s such the one, then there will be no other alternative plugins because people will only use that only one.

Unfortunately, it’s just a utopia. No software or services or products or whatever that will solve all the problems. There must be some drawbacks which create a room for the competitor to fill the gap.

Do I try it?

That new SEO plugin looks promising to me. But, at the moment, I’ll stick with my current one because of the reasons below

The current SEO plugin works nicely

My current plugin serves me well so far. The traffic is stable and in the trend of increasing from day today. The organic traffic percentage is growing too.

No spare time

I don’t have spare time to set up the whole plugins at the time being. Especially after I looked at the screenshot of this new plugin’s interface. It’s just another typical SEO plugin with so many features.

Not that good or bad

As I’ve predicted, this new SEO plugin may be good, but it’s not that good. And vice versa. Some people said it’s terrible but it may not be that bad for the others.

I’ll know how good or how bad it is after I have time to switch, configure and try it myself.

Will I try it?

No, for now, or the foreseeable future unless I have a good reason for that.

For example: if my current SEO plugin updates suddenly break everything or sit stops working for unknown reasons, then I may try it.

I want to keep watching on it and see how it goes after several months or years. Will the company behind it keep supports until then?

This because I don’t see any pricing tier for that plugin. Or maybe they haven’t put it there? Otherwise, I may miss it.


I don’t mention the name of those SEO plugins on purpose. I don’t want to promote or demote any of them.

Yet, from my writings above, the readers may find out which SEO plugins I mean.

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