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Why AMP is important?

If you think patience is a virtue, try surfing the net without high-speed internet. Here’s why AMP is important and why it will get more important in the future?

That’s the moment your patience jumps through the window, but thanks to AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) loading pages and sites over the internet speed is increasing day in day out.

That’s for us who search for information over the internet what about you who puts the information on the internet, be a blogger or site owner?

Your sites must be able to load very quickly.

This, in return, impresses the user and he/she become tempted to visit your site again.

In this technological era speed means everything.

Recent research has shown that if a page takes more than 3 seconds to load, people become irritated and they don’t visit the site as often as they would if the page loaded faster.

Worry not for AMP is here to help.

And why you should add it to your site.

This because more and more people are using their mobile phones to access your site. It’s a fact.

The advantages of AMP extend beyond the context of



As mentioned above speed counts.

Content is important but if your pages don’t load quickly users will not read them.

And to survive the competition that is all over the internet, you must make sure your mobile browser pages load extremely fast.

This is where AMP comes in.

AMP powered pages load twice faster than comparable mobile pages.

You will not convert any reader or web user to a customer if your site is slow.

Take advantage of the AMP technology to improve the speed of your page or site.

One user was quoted saying that if he had two articles that scored the same in signal perspectives, he would emphasis on the one that was fastest because that is what he finds compelling.


To be relevant over the internet you must be able to grab people’s attention.

The higher the attention the higher the following.

And for business the higher the following the higher the profits.

Blogs, sites, and pages that use the AMP technology have a green symbol at the bottom.

This grabs the users’ attention.

This will enhance the click rate of your content because the AMP symbol stands out.

And once the user experiences the speed of the AMP page, the probability of coming back is high.

That is how potential customers become customers.

Improved mobile search engine ranking

Competition comes with a ranking.

Trust me you don’t want to get a low rank, especially over the internet.

If the people who visit your blogs are satisfied especially by the speed and content they will rank you highest.

If there are subscriptions they will subscribe and if you are selling anything your sales will increase dramatically when you use AMP.

Let your great content get a great ranking.

Also, do remember that Google seems to give more weight on AMP pages for their SERP.

Here’s the article from  Moz that explained with the results about how their AMP test performs.

User tracking made simple.

Feeding your blog or site with traffic is not enough.

You need to know how the blog arrived and how much attention it generated.

All thanks to the AMP technology that has been simplified.

AMP has an analytical tool embedded to track user and site performance.

You will be able to know the visitors count to your site, how many returning users and clicks.

This will help you manage your blog or site better.

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