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December 9, 2022
WordPress attempts to guess a redirect URL for a 404 request

Today I found out that one of the client’s WordPress sites redirects to a post page for a request that is supposed to return a 404 page. The request to https://example.com/a brought you to the https://example.com/about page. At first, I thought this came from a redirection plugin or Yoast SEO Premium plugin. However, there was no redirection on any of those plugins. Investigating response headers Because none of the plugins defined the redirection, I opened the web developer tools on the Google Chrome I used.

March 6, 2020
Developing recurring payment on WordPress with Stripe

Before you have the wrong expectation, I will be clear here and now. I am not sharing a tutorial to develop Stripe recurring payments on WordPress. I am not going to share any codes either. If you’re expecting such a tutorial or functions, this is the wrong page. Let me start with the reason I develop such a function on WordPress. One of my clients needs to collect recurring payments through one of his WordPress sites.

February 13, 2020
How I actually resolve to disable comments now

It’s been a month, more or less, since I post an update here. The schedule is tight until now. Today, when I have a chance to check in here, I’m surprised seeing so many spam comments. There are more than 150 spam comments. That’s not including the rest of spam comments which hit the filter I’ve set up and thrown to the trash. So, here’s how I actually resolve to disable comments now.

October 29, 2019
How To Make WordPress As Fast As Static Site

Long ago, I wrote about migrating from WordPress to Netlify. It turned out I was going back to WordPress until now. Hosting a static site will indeed be much faster than WordPress. However, it’s more difficult to manage compared to WordPress. So, how to make a WordPress as fast as a static site? Cache plugins that generate static sites of your WordPress site There are many WordPress plugins which support this.

October 17, 2019
How to make WordPress faster without caching plugin

When it comes to making WordPress faster, everyone I know will suggest installing their own favorite caching plugins. But, how to make it faster without a caching plugin? The answer is **yes, it is. ** How? The answer is Cloudflare**. ** However, it’s not enough just putting it to stand in front of your site. You need to set it up more, to make your WordPress site loads as fast as a static site.

October 15, 2019
Another reminder that WordPress update is important

Today I read a notification about WordPress 5.2.4 release. Then, when I open up my e-mail, I see an e-mail that says they’ve updated my blog from 5.2.3 to that 5.2.4. The question is not whether you should upgrade or not. ** Ideally, you must** . Easier said than done, I know. Still curious about what’s new in this update, I head to its news page. There are six security patches.

September 9, 2019
How to block visitors from some countries on WordPress

There are some use cases that it makes sense to block visitors from particular countries because you don’t target them. Or, most of the visitors from those countries are mostly spambots. Or even worse, most of them are the source of your fake traffic or the unsolicited e-mails in your inbox? Or you want your blog to be local, so only visitors from your country and some nearby countries can visit it?

September 7, 2019
My opinions about Google Native Lazyload plugin for WordPress

Today, when I am exploring Reddit, I notice something interesting. It’s ** ** saying Google releases official ‘Native Lazyload’ plugin for WordPress. I follow the link and land on the plugin page there. So, here’s my opinions about this Google Native Lazyload plugin for WordPress. The developer of the plugin is Google Yes. I confirmed there. One of the developers of the plugin is Google itself. The plugin is legit. Guess, it’s worth to test.

September 5, 2019
Keeping WordPress up to date is really important

The WordPress team released 5.2.3 nine hours ago. Since I’ve set up this site’s WordPress to update automatically, I do not need to update it manually when the new version came. Here’s why keeping WordPress up to date is really important However, some folks I know used to delay or postpone the update for various reasons. Whatever the reasons (or excuses?) they have, leaving the WordPress out of date is not good.

August 24, 2019
The best time to buy WordPress.com services is NOW

The best time to buy WordPress.com services is NOW. Here’s why. Today I receive an e-mail from them which says that they’re running an August sale for 20% off WordPress.com and Jetpack plans today, August 23rd, through Saturday, August 31st. Tips to get most of this deal: Go to WordPress.com and start registering a free account if you haven’t convinced yet. You still have seven days to decide.

August 6, 2019
Is Jetpack Personal Plan worth the money?

Long-time ago, I decided to get rid off Jetpack from this blog. It happened when I put this blog on the old hosting. But after moving to new hosting, I decide to use it until now, and even paying for it. Is Jetpack Personal Plan worth the money? Let’s see. Fast forward to two months ago, when I decided to get a new host for this blog, I installed it again.

July 31, 2019
How to minimize the WordPress plugins usages

If you’ve been using WordPress for a while, chances are you’ve heard this kind of advice: minimize the WordPress plugins you used. This way, your site won’t get slower or at least it prevents it from being slower. That’s true. But, how much performance gain you get, depending on many other factors. Regardless of how much is it, here’s how to minimize the WordPress plugins usages. Use plugins that can do as much.

July 29, 2019
Best tools to check WordPress theme and plugins

Have you ever wondered what’s the theme of that cool site? Or even curious if that site is using WordPress or not? If it’s using WordPress, what are the plugins it’s using? Here are best tools to check WordPress theme and plugins Here are some online tools to reveal them. Web Browser Developer Tool This tool requires some knowledge of HTML. You can use this tool on both popular browsers: Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

July 28, 2019
The story of using Jetpack

Though some people said it’s bloated, for others, it’s still useful. You can indeed replace each of the Jetpack modules with another plugin for that function only. Yet, only a few people can find the plugin to replace the Jetpack function they needed. So, here’s my story of using Jetpack plugin myself. The beginning I try Jetpack on this blog when it’s still on an old host with that $9/year plan.

July 12, 2019
Why should we fix if it’s not broken?

In this digital world, we strive to keep our stuff updated. Not only that, but we always try to make it better from time to time, preventing our stuff from being obsolete. Though sometimes, it’s better to stick with the proverb don’t fix it if it’s not broken. Let’s read the story of our friend, Diamond Jack,or we may call him D.J. The Story On that snowy night, at the beginning of 2019, D.

July 11, 2019
The quest for better and more valuable SEO plugins

I write this for commoners who often get overwhelmed and even confused. There are just too many good and bad tech reviews for a product or service they will use. (or even buy!) Here’s the story with an example of a real case: my quest for better and more valuable SEO plugins Beginning This begins with a discussion on one of the largest forums on the internet. Someone asked for suggestions between the two SEO plugins for WordPress.

July 8, 2019
Most valuable WordPress plugins you need to know

There are myriad of plugins. Every one of them served one or more specific needs. Among them, there are the most valuable ones, which you need to know. Those plugins were essential for most WordPress sites. Please note that the list of plugins category below is not representing any hierarchy or any importance. Cache I am not going to mention any specific plugin name here. But, most WordPress sites will need this kind of plugin to cache the site.

July 3, 2019
How to get the WordPress cache plugin that works

There are many WordPress plugins you can use. Each of their developers claimed their plugin was the fastest. The rest claimed their plugin was the simplest and easiest to use. Not only that, there are even those paid or premium plugins for such purpose. Then, how to get the WordPress cache plugin that really works? Read on. Test, test, and test by yourself That’s the main key to get the caching plugin that really works.

July 1, 2019
Why you should know more WPCoffeeTalk podcast

I found this WPCoffeeTalk some days ago when exploring a sub-Reddit for WordPress. Though it has “Coffee” on its name, it did not make itself exclusively for coffee lovers only. It is for everyone who uses, loves, or even makes a living using this most popular CMS. Here’s why you must know more WPCoffeeTalk podcast, especially during these difficult times. Appreciate its inclusiveness At first, I thought: oh, this is for WordPress users who are also a coffee lover only.

June 23, 2019
How to use Classic Editor on WordPress 5 without plugins

Here are the guides on how to use Classic Editor on WordPress 5 without any plugins. This means you can use it without disabling the Gutenberg. Precaution: this guide assumes you don’t use page builder by premium theme on your Classic Editor like Avada. If you do use that, then you probably no choice but installing the “Classic Editor” plugin. 1. Deactivate any plugins that disable Gutenberg. Don’t bother to remove them.

June 20, 2019
Hosting WordPress on Netlify

Is it possible to host a WordPress blog or site on the Netlify platform? Because we already know that Netlify only allows you to host a static HTML site. So, how to do hosting WordPress on Netlify? Is it possible for hosting WordPress on Netlify in the first place? The answer is yes. It is possible, but with some tricks. In short We need to convert the whole WordPress site into a fully working static HTML site.

June 18, 2019
WordPress on Heroku 2019

Is it possible to run WordPress on the Heroku on this 2019? The short answer is yes. It is possible. But is it feasible? Let’s see. SSL If we want our WordPress to use SSL on Heroku, then we need at least to pay for their Hobby plan which is $7 per month. But, that’s not enough. We still need to get the SSL certificate, install it and configure it. This is not a simple process though it’s not a difficult one.

June 16, 2019
Prevent Gutenberg converts paragraphs to blocks when you copy and paste

When you copy and paste a text from somewhere else like MS. Words, you will see the Gutenberg converts each of the paragraphs inside that text into a block. That’s annoying but there is a workaround to avoid this. Here’s how I prevent Gutenberg converts paragraphs to blocks when I copy and paste there. Background story If you want to skip the story, then just scroll down to the bottom for the simple steps to prevent it converts your paragraphs into blocks after you clicked “Paste” or press “Ctrl + V”

June 15, 2019
Tips to switch to Gutenberg – when your resources are ready

Here are the tips I’ve learned to switch to Gutenberg, once you think your resources are ready to do so. Before switching to Gutenberg Make sure your theme fully supports Gutenberg blocks This is the most important. This way, when you switched to Gutenberg, you won’t mess up your site looks. I switched to Gutenberg after I read on the Author theme’s page that the theme now fully supports the Gutenberg blocks.

June 13, 2019
How to make Grammarly checks all contents inside Gutenberg blocks

We all know that Grammarly can’t check all the paragraph we write inside Gutenberg block at once. We need to click on each paragraph to make Gutenberg check each of them. Here’s how to make Grammarly checks all contents inside Gutenberg blocks. However, there’s a workaround for this. We can make Grammarly check all contents or paragraphs which spreads inside on its own Gutenberg blocks. I write this tutorial as part of my quest to explore the Gutenberg.

June 10, 2019
Updated opinions about Gutenberg editor

Last weekend, I had spare hours to try and play more with the Gutenberg editor. Some days ago, I admitted that my opinions about this new sophisticated editor are notgood ones. However, after playing with Gutenberg in some hours, I started to change my own opinion about it. Here’s the details of my updated opinions about Gutenberg editor. It’s not that bad I realize that many people hated it and give only a one-star rating.

June 9, 2019
Why developers should think like end users

My opinions why we, developers should think like end users or at least try to listen to their feedback on the app and updates we had rolled on. Here’s why web developers should think like end users, to make sure to build something that make them trust and happy. We, developers and other tech guys often think to build the software and web that are cool, had a rich feature, automated, flexible, sophisticated, etc, you named it.

June 7, 2019
My opinions about Gutenberg

kevinhq.com - My own, personal opinions and analysis about Gutenberg, the new default and sophisticated WordPress content editor since WordPress 5.0 launched. Why I never stay too long for Gutenberg editor? Why I always disable and replace it with the classic editor though I am on the latest WordPress 5.2.1? Here are my opinions. I know HTML It’s easier to use Classic Editor and switch to HTML / source code mode.

June 5, 2019
Why I move back to WordPress

A long story about how and why I move back to WordPress after migrating to Netlify service (from WordPress), and now going back to use WordPress CMS again. Six months ago, I decided to move my blog (this one) from WordPress to Netlify, and convert it into a barely static site. See this story for details. Now it turns out that many things don’t work smoothly. Although the speed of the site improved significantly on Netlify, compared to when it was still on Namecheap hosting, many other problems can’t be neglected.

June 3, 2019
When WordPress is not for your project

WordPress is currently the most popular CMS platform on earth. Not only use it as CMS or blogging, people often use it as a tool to build their own personal site, a company profile site, or another kind of site like a job board site. It is indeed powerful. Almost all of the customizations we wanted are already provided by the plugins. Even better, most of those plugins are free though some of them offered a paid plan for more services.

June 3, 2019
Why I move from WordPress to Netlify

It’s not because WordPress is bad, or I hate it. In fact, I am a huge fan of WordPress, and I still consider it one of my favorite CMS. I also bet most of the people who don’t know much about HTML and CSS, would prefer to have a site running with WordPress. So, here’s why I move from WordPress to Netlify. The problem for me is it is overkill .

June 3, 2019
Why WordPress is for your project

A long time ago, I wrote about When WordPress is not for your project. I explained several conditions and reasons why you can use alternatives for your project like a static site set up rather than WordPress. Now, I will also tell you why WordPress is for your project. Being a Content Management System, WordPress will significantly assist you in organizing how your content will attractively appear on your project. This is no brainer.