Why you should know more WPCoffeeTalk podcast

I found this WPCoffeeTalk some days ago when exploring a sub-Reddit for  WordPress. Though it has “Coffee” on its name, it did not make itself exclusively for coffee lovers only. It is for everyone who uses, loves, or even makes a living using this most popular CMS. Here’s why you must know more WPCoffeeTalk podcast, especially during these difficult times.

Appreciate its inclusiveness

At first, I thought: oh, this is for WordPress users who are also a coffee lover only.

Grab a cup of your favorite beverage . To be honest, I am not a coffee lover myself though I love its aroma. However, coffee always tastes bitter to me.

Not only that, Michelle Ames, the owner of the site, is also a nice fellow WordPresser. There are only four podcasts as I write this article. However, I enjoyed all of them and there’s a chance that you may enjoy them too.

What does it offer

WPCoffeeTalk is currently offering some great Podcast which talks anything WordPresser does with WordPress.

While talking, the interviewer always asks the interviewees about what’s in their mug. Whether it’s coffee or tea or whatever it is. The interviewer also mentions the mug herself.

Promote your business or jobs

If your business or jobs are relating to WordPress, you can promote them on their podcast and website too. In exchange for the promotion, you need to support them with a donation. The donation starts from $100 for a one-year promotion. For this one, they already got the first sponsor on the highest level plan.

Or, in case your company had a company’s mug, you can ask them to feature it on their podcast too. For this kind of promotion, you need to pay for $25.

Be on the show

You can apply to be one of the interviewees for their upcoming episodes. For this one, you can visit their site and visit that “Be on the Show” menu at the top. Then, you’ll see this form to fill.

Yet, keep your expectation low. This because they clearly say that

We reserve the right to decide whether or not to publish interviews based on content and quality of the video/audio

Neat and clean design

The WPCoffeeTalk site itself has a neat and clean design. I love how it looks as I write this article. Though they may update it in the future, but I do hope they’ll keep it clean and neat as it is now.

When I checked the theme itself, they use “Divi” theme. It’s one of the best premium WordPress theme in the market. I had worked using this theme several times on some client’s sites.

Available on Youtube too

To be honest, instead of listening to a podcast, I prefer to watch the show on Youtube. I am not sure if this is just coincidence, but they do provide both Youtube show and podcast (audio only). Personally, I watch all of their episodes on Youtube.


It looks like they just started the building when I write this article. However, as I observed on both Reddit an Twitter,  they already had gained some good tractions.

They even already had their first sponsor during some first days they launch the site – as the owner described on Reddit.

If you happened to have a business or jobs and need to promote it, don’t hesitate to support them as a sponsor.

Otherwise, just grab your mug filled with your own favorite beverage, and watch the amazing shows there.

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